Satisfying Shave and Perfect Fade: Cody’s Korean Salon Story

Cody really wanted to get a haircut at a Korean salon.
He was doofal one.
And he got the full service treatment.
They do such an incredible job, and it is so relaxing.
They basically covered his entire body in hot towels.

He’s in there somewhere. After they got him all moist, they started with the shave.
It is so incredible to watch.
They’re so precise, I have never seen Cody with such a clean shave.
I honestly loved watching this.
It was literally so satisfying.

After the shave, it was time for the haircut.
And this was the part I was most excited about.
I just knew this haircut was going to absolutely slay.
When I tell you they took their time, it was such prose.

Like the way he gave this haircut was something I’ve never seen before.
The fade was so perfect.
He used so many different tools to make it perfect.
And I could just tell that Cody was so relaxed the entire time.

He could have probably fell asleep.
And by the time they were done, I was so impressed with the result.
It looks so good.
The fade is so nice.

It is so clean.
And he loved the experience.
I’d say 10 out of 10.

We would totally do this again.
So worth it.